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clark kent vs. superman. - minimalist superhero art - For decorating the "geek room".

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When my husband sends me things like this, it's makes me melt. I love that I married a man that I can fall in love with everyday.

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"Kryptonian alphabet redone again." Are you telling me I have to learn a whole new alphabet system??

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Dibujo | Superman ❤️ Más

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Seu coração puro. Eu acho que minha mãe e kheyti e.......*-*

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Christopher Reeve is Superman. Just looking at his life after his horse riding accident proves this. Also, the only actor to play the part of Sup's & Clark as believably different characters.

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Superhero Week: Super shelves


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how to draw | This tutorial will teach you how to draw Superman S.

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Superman. .Supergirl Más

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batman-nolanverse: What if a child dreamed of...

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