Early 90s...Batman: The Animated Series.  Then again with Sherlock. Then Supernatural.  Many others in between...

Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Harry Potter. Four fandoms that are ruining my life.

Hahah this is so true though. Superwholock>>> I'm going to try to get into Doctor Who after I get caught up in Supernatural

Superwholock Venn diagram I'm crying at the "gay subtext" between supernatural and sherlock

SuperWhoLock with a dash of The Bard.  I think I just went slightly insane from the awesomeness of this.

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. - Superwholock THIS IS SO ACCURATE OHMYLORD. Don't watch Doctor Who but I'll probably start soon because I'm in love with SuperWhoLock.

How to handle a breakup: SuperWhoLock style i feel like Sherlock's that best friend who's like "you forget about that jerk right now" Dean would be murdering the guy while sammy is trying to make you smile and the Doctor is the one who tells you that everything is going to be okay

Reminded me of you

How to handle a breakup: SuperWhoLock style I feel like Sherlock would be the sassy gay friend along with John, Sam is being all comforting, deans killing the guy, and the doctor is just nice.

SuperWhoLock is now canon.  PINNING SO I CAN GO BACK AND VERIFY THIS. I've been fooled by photoshop before.

I would like to start this out with: This is real. People have verified and this is legit. Cas has been watching over the Doctor and Sherlock all the time. SuperWhoLock is canon! OH MY GOD ITS CANON!

Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural - mix them all together and you get something very, very dangerous.

I'm in the doctor who and sherlock fandoms but havent seen supernatural yet. I have work to do

I don't have a Superwholock board so I apologize to people who may get confused but I had to repost this beauty

Of course the Doctor would get his psychic paper swiped, and of course Sherlock wouldn't leave him a replacement.<<< can you imagine the things the winchesters would do with the doctors psychic paper?