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Sweeney Todd - I love his smile in this pic, so out of place on this character's face :)

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A Little Cuppa TeA ~ sign for Mrs. Lovett's meat pies, sweenie Todd

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I can guarantee the closest shave you'll ever know #SweenyTodd

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Harry Potter Meets Lolcatz

HARRY POTTER meets LOLCATZ << SWEENEY TODD!!!!! Literally everyone in Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd was either in Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Les Mis or Twilight. Then there's Johanna who was the outsider XD

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Sweeney Todd Barber... Possible Halloween costume??

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I think the music is half the appeal of Sweeney Todd....and the other half is watching people die

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Its funny cuz, I'm watxhing the film as I'm pinning this. And im in the burning part... ohhh coincidences

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Oh my gosh, this made me laugh so hard. Just Sweeney Todd things!

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Sweeney Todd. Yes this is the people I appreciate board. By this pin I do not mean that I appreciate Johnny Depp (I already put this) this pin means I appreciate Sweeney Todd himself with a firery passion.

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