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James bond style Survival tin, firestarters, cordage, cutting tools, fishing, EDC, bug out bag, BOB

Wearable Survival Kits built into 550lb Paracord Bracelets. Custom design your own bracelet choosing from 80+ EDC tools, buckles, tactical gear, and options. USA crafted, Veteran owned and operated. For preppers, survivalists, operators.

Survival Bow Making | Wilderness Awareness School


13 Survival Tips That May Save Your Life Someday

Some inadvertent deaths are unavoidableâwrong place wrong time. But most aren't. Staying alive requires perceiving threat feeling dread and responding. Here's some tips you should know to stay alive in some dangerous situations.

Dakota fire holes: this links to a really good and detailed guide for planning and living in a concealed bunker


Paracord grenade hides survival tools inside

Paracord grenade hides survival tools inside - CNET

All-Purpose Survival Tool. This heavy-duty steel tool is 8 tools in 1. It has a shovel, hammer, saw, hatchet, bottle opener, nail puller, and a wrench. Unscrew the built-in calibrated compass to find an emergency survival kit in a waterproof bag. Included are matches, fishhooks and line, nails and more.

The Homestead Survival | How to Extract a Tooth |