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7 Exciting Travel Locations That Adrenaline Junkies Will Love ...

A collection of awesome pictures of people skydiving. A collection of awesome pictures of people skydiving.

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Summer 2014 was the best summer of my life, I got to spend it with my best friends and made unforgettable memories! I miss summer soooooo much!

Hahah yess I can check this one off. Over and over again. I love it so much.

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Be shut up WITH A KISS.done that with him and it is also the best way to shut him up and I love it!

Crazy Teenage Bucket List Ideas | ... great summer ideas / pinterest link / and even more ideas right here

100 things to do this summer with kids? 100 things to do this summer with the husband!

Teenage Bucket List | YOLO - Bucket list

i wish people wrote letters. i love letters. someone write me a letter. and send it by snail mail.

julie: water balloon dart painting! #Humor

Do Paint Balloon darting Let's be honest, every girl has wanted to do this since they saw Princess Diaries :)

Every so often, we come across unique destinations that are so incredible, we feel an overwhelming desire to share them. They're experiences…

Create Your Own Perfect Bucket List

- visit Abbey Road with 3 of my friends and recreate the Beatles' cover

teenage bucket list♥

A teenagers bucket list. I will do this before i die. And there's always the kiss at the top of the ferris wheel thing(: