Day 22 - An anime/manga that made you think. There are a lot of contenders for this spot (including Zankyou no Terror, Death Note, Toukyou Kushu, All You Need Is Kill, Psycho-Pass and even Hyouka), but Ergo Proxy demanded the most abstract, purely philosophical thought of any anime I've seen. If we're thinking of only manga, then I have to say either Toukyou Kushu or All You Need Is Kill.

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Poster undefined Temné vzpomínky

Kiddy Grade - Éclair and Lumiere

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Ergo Proxy - Has some language, but overall I enjoyed this one very much and *spoiler* was very sad to see one of the characters go in the end

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Adopted !! Laura. Age 10 . She is very shy . She keeps to her self but has only opened up to one person . Her brother . He died 1 year ago . She still talks to him . He watches over her protecting her from harm

Pino is the oddest character, she really doesnt fit in Ergo Proxy, but shes so cute no one cares. Design by

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.Create a project based on what they feel like describes them/whats going on in…

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Today it was announced over on Toonami’s Tumblr page that they will be making a change to their Saturday airing schedule next month. Starting on April 27th Toonami will remove one of the half hour time-slots regulated for the second Cowboy Bebop episode of the night and will instead be airing the futuristic racing anime IGPX also known as Immortal Grand Prix.

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This is probably my favorite scene so far in the anime. XD

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Gantz 372

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