Funny text messages

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Funny text messages

Omg thats sooo funny ^-^ i gotta tell my friends that i tooke my apple ipad in the blender and that i am making apple juce hahha i would be laughing sooo hard hahha

Funny Valentines day Text messages

Funny Valentines day Text messages and like OMG! get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!

If you really think about it this is true!!!!!!!!!!!!! - omg it is true and its alfie s fav film XX

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Bestie Hey I just saw a movie where this girl live with her mom and is very antisocial. When someone breaks into her house and take advantage of her naive nature she | Falls in love with the criminal. She also has a bloodthirsty chameleon as a pet and found her long lost parents | What movie was that? | Tangled | Lol

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This is the best text message ive ever seen

Funny messages: All the single ladies. My friend would always send me the short version of this it was awesome😋