Original pinner sez: These sketchbook pages are the unequivocal result of effort, passion and enthusiasm. Although 'decoration' is usually unnecessary within a textile or fashion design sketchbook, in this case, the background patterning demonstrates a complete understanding of the aesthetic; a strong personal response to the colours, shapes, textures, lines and forms of the work studied.

Textiles and Fashion Design Sketchbooks - 20 Inspirational Examples

Textiles Sketchbook experimenting with techniques to achieve different textures and effects with fabrics // Connie Evans
Twitter / vaughanbell: Wonderful sketchbooks from Winchester School of Art neuropsychiatry inspired fashion exhibition.

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Fashion Portfolio - textiles design for fashion; delicate knit structures, fashion design & development; fashion sketchbook // Siobhan Marie O'Keeffe

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Samples inspired by Emily Notman. Emma
Textiles Jewellery Sketchbook page - the creative design process; mixed media drawings & layout
Altered Book spread in a Folio of William Hazlitt's essays. Collage; acrylic glazes; 1930s children's book illustration; vintage botanical illustrations of butterflies (some on paper, some packing ...
Self promotion idea. Here's an interesting idea - this is a fabric sampler - but how about reducing your work - writer/photographer/blogger/designer - to a miniature scale and attach them to hang tags to show off your creativity as well as your fab talent.