Turkey Time directed drawings for Thanksgiving by Proud to be Primary

Turkey Thanksgiving Directed Drawing

Looking for the perfect arts and craft activity for Thanksgiving? This turkey directed drawing provides teachers with a step-by-step lesson that kids will love! THESE turkeys turn out FANTASTIC!

Painted Maize Wreath | Thanksgiving Art Projects for Kids | This would make a fun group project.

Thanksgiving Indian Corn Wreath

Fall/Thanksgiving wreath for the kids to make: Indian Corn Wreath. Need: white and green construction paper; yellow, orange, red and brown paper bubble wrap; More info here.

Fall Leaf Art Project.  All ages, click to see what my five year old made too, stunning!

Trace big leaf, break it up with pencil, sharpie outlines, use watercolor pencil to shade inside of leaf, and then wet/blend the colors inside.

Black Glue Turkey Art Project | I Heart Crafty Things

Black Glue Turkey Art Project

Black Glue Turkey Art Project | I Heart Crafty Things

fall tree painted with bundled q-tips - autumn arts & craft projects for…

Easy Bundled Q-tip stamped tree paintings for every season. Winter, spring, summer and fall arts and craft project for kids. Make cherry blossoms or beautiful autumn leaves. Great for toddlers or preschoolers

12 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for kids - Page 2 of 2

12 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for kids - Page 2 of 2

This whimsical Thanksgiving turkey house flag shows a colorful and bright turkey sporting pilgrim hat with multicolored tail feathers made up of various fashionable patterns that serves as the backgro

Whimsy Turkey House Flag

Gizzie Lizzie Flag from Just for Fun Flags. A playful and colorful Gizzie Lizze flag by artist TomTom for Custom Decor . The confused turkey design is visible from both sides of the flag - size: Wide x Long and fits standar

thanksgiving art projects for middle school - Google Search

11 Exceptional Elementary Art Projects Blogs

Art Projects for Kids: Klimt Watercolor Tree Girls draw tree or flower from nature and fill in with black sharpie.background is a mood painting with liquid water color