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Lesbians: Stereotypes Vs Reality

The L Word.

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The L Word. <3 xD

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20 Things Lesbians Are Tired Of Hearing

Homophobic people- can't eat your gay brownies

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The L Word: a roller coaster of Love that served as my go-to dictionary for Lesbian relationship lingo.

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I don't watch "The L Word" because it's so problematic, but damn, I could look at Shane all day.

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Shane and Carmen

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15 Nearly Impossible Pop Culture Questions For Queer Ladies To Answer

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Funny 'The L Word' Mug | LGBT Lesbian Mug

Funny 'The L Word' Mug LGBT Lesbian Mug by SceneDesigns on Etsy

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The L Word #TheLWord Function/Context: This quote is a running theme throughout the series that fans are suppose to relate to.

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Katherine Moenning. So sexy. A very dramatic FN. she's either clear spring or clear winter.

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