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America 1968 Baltimore Riots 2015 Time Magazine Cover-  Black men dying at the hands of police had become “a slow-rolling crisis” in America, as President Obama would put it nine days after Gray’s death. And Freddie Gray was a black man who entered a police van handcuffed and conscious on April 12 and came out less than an hour later comatose, with his spinal cord nearly severed.  The what, the how and the why of Gray’s fatal encounter with Baltimore police remained a mystery more than two…

The Roots of Baltimore’s Riot

Front Cover Space Race in TIME During the Cold War the Soviet Union and the United States were competing in everything
invented apple and pixar and didnt even have a college education..that definitely counts as cool

With Steve Jobs' Passing, Apple Loses Its Top Sales, Advertising and PR Man

We all know that most celebrities aren’t quite what they made out to be. Whether it’s TV chefs spitting out racial slurs or actors trying to be world recor

Top 10 Famous People with Surprising Darksides

TIME Magazine person of the year 2008. One of the most influential and well known posters on a cover. The graphic element makes unrealistic with personal combined. Minimal colour pallette emphasizes the colours that are utilized - symbolic to America (red, white and blue). Very centralized and bold image. Layout = one dominant element, no distractions and draws attention.

Person of the Year 2008

TIME Magazine Cover, May 27, 2013

The Angelina Effect: TIME’s New Cover Image Revealed

Beyoncé Covers TIME Magazine’s Most 100 Influential People Issue with Suspiciously Slimmer Thighs

Beyonce TIME Magazine's '100 Most Influential' Issue

Malala Yousafzai | TIME Magazine Cover, April 29 / May 6, 2013.    Birthday July 12,

100 Covers: Malala Yousafzai

TIME Man of the Year:  President Ronald Reagan

The Choice

Emilia Clarke  (Time Magazine article on GoT, July 10th / July 17th, 2017)

'Game of Thrones': Inside the World's Most Popular Show

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