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I'm Rick James, bitch! Enjoy yourself! (I'm so sorry but I love the Chapelle Show and I could NOT pass this up)

moontoof: fingersandfelines: mpdrolet: Seventeen Cocoa Pods from Cocoa Pickers James Mollison !!!! this is a favie of mine

Virgo in Action: August Alsina - "I Luv This Shit" (featuring Trinidad James- Born September 23rd, is a Libra on the cusp of Virgo. The influence of Virgo on Libra is a sense of loyalty, orderliness, and stability added to the sometimes vain social butterfly, Libra, who is often all over the place. Virgo helps him stay contained and directed.)


I Luv This Shit- August Alsina ft. Trinidad James

Guinness Ice Cream from Mama's Homemade Ice Cream (St. James, Trinidad)

Download Trinidad James Black iPhone Flex (Feat. Moeazy) iTunes Spotify

August Alsina - I Luv This Shit ft. Trinidad James (Lyrics) - YouTube

Trinidad Jame$ - All gold everything : "Gold all in my chain, gold all in my ring, gold all in my watch, don't believe me?, just watch".