Floor plans from popular TV series... - The Meta Picture  Love this! If they printed out well one of them could look really cool framed!

Floor plans from popular TV series…

Funny pictures about Floor plans from popular TV series. Oh, and cool pics about Floor plans from popular TV series. Also, Floor plans from popular TV series.

Rita (TV Series 2012– ) Not really a movie, a TV show. From Denmark and on Netflix instant. A must see! Come on Season 2 load up!

Rita the teacher, played by Mille Dinesen on the TV show's promotional cover. Rita is a politically incorrect Danish TV series, written by Christian Torpe and produced by . The series debuted in February 2012 and has had two seasons to date.

I've always been a Cillian Murphy fan...and watching this show makes me think "yup, that's why I'm a fan. He's awesome."

Peaky Blinders on Netflix! A gangster family epic set in 1919 Birmingham, England and centered on a gang who sew razor blades in the peaks of their caps, and their fierce boss Tommy Shelby, who means to move up in the world.

Arrow, The CW  Added to my list after watching 10 minutes. I'm a sucker for superheroes.

Arrow TV Series 2012 “Destiny leaves its mark”

Dexter (TV Series 2006– ) Eight seasons now and it never gets old. I didn't know I had it in me to love a serial killer. o.O

Dexter Morgan, my dark passenger. Dexter Season 8 Poster: Is the Dark Passenger Finally Under Wraps?

Not on TV any more, bit it was a great series :)  Remington Steele (TV Series 1982–1987)

With Stephanie Zimbalist, Pierce Brosnan, Doris Roberts, James Read. The cases of a female private detective partnered with a former thief who assumes the role of a fictitious detective in the business.

British TV Series:" Foyles War".  This is "Must See TV"! Good stuff!

This Summer I have been using my Netflix account to watch each episode of the British TV series "Foyles War." It's a detective series set .

Scream The TV Series on Instagram: “If you ever take me to an abandon hospital, DO NOT put a leash on me. I need the freedom to RUN at any given moment. ”

“If you ever take me to an abandon hospital, DO NOT put a leash on me. I need the freedom to RUN at any given moment.

Who Shot JR?  In the 80's, the number 1 topic of conversation from Philadelphia to Hong Kong, from London to Johannesburg wasn`t about anything real at all.  It was about what happened in America on March 21st 1980 - the shooting of a rapacious Texas oil baron at the hands of his low-life mistress, his wife's sister, on the popular American TV Series, "Dallas".

45 Things Texans Have Every Right To Brag About

Who shot J. from the final scene of the season of Dallas, the character J. Ewing (Larry Hagman), was shot by an unseen assailant.