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As teachers, it can be challenging to determine the best order in which to teach our curriculum.  This back to school season, I decided to…

Why I Chose My Scope and Sequence - Biology

One of the most difficult units in high school biology to learn (and to teach!) is the biochemistry chapter.  The complex vocabulary and the abstract concepts make this unit seem like a foreign language to most students.  I know because for the first few years of teaching, all of my students had the same …
Love this drawing! A simplified illustration of cell metabolism, depicting the cell as a factory. | #teaching #biology
Shrinky Dinks Cell Models, Fun and hands on

Shrinky Dinks Cell Models

Teaching about Photosynthesis and a link to a GREAT freebie!!!
Have students build their own cladograms with candy!

Candy Cladograms

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Eggmosis – Teaching Selectively Permeable Membranes with Eggs.  Because of the inner membrane underneath the shell, an egg is a perfect tool when teaching students about selectively permeable membranes.  This demonstration takes seconds to set up and can be left out for a few days for students to observe.
As teachers, we are always looking for tips to improve our practice in our classrooms. For high school science teachers, it can be hard to take the time to pause and be reflective on what we are doing and what we could improve.  So here are 5 ideas for secondary biology teachers to use when teaching cells (organelles, transport, mitosis, and cancer) in their classrooms.

What I've Learned: 5 tips for improving how you teach CELLS

After the biochemistry unit, it’s pretty traditional to teach about cells next.  During my first year, I struggled teaching this unit, because it feels so full of details with seemingly very little connection to each other.  There is nothing worse than standing in front of a class and listing the organelle names and their …