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Looking for the official Vanessa Williams Twitter account? Vanessa Williams is now on!

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Vanessa Williams

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Vanessa Williams ~Vanessa Lynn Williams (born March 18, 1963) is an American singer, actress and former fashion model and Miss America

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Vanessa Williams: Gettin' to know 'Mama' nature Vanessa Williams.

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Vanessa Williams: "I'm a Romantic"

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Vanessa L.Williams

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Vanessa Williams - a long time before Wilhelmina Slater n Renee

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The 10 Sexiest Black Women Over 40

Good, Vanessa, but stop being a fur hag! "My kids have still never had meat. I’ve been vegan for over 16 years, my husband for 20. My husband became vegan after having a life-threatening illness. So coupled with eating a vegan diet and changing his thoughts, those choices saved his life. I had a vegan pregnancy. My children are completely vegan." -Vanessa Williams

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Shunned by Society: Vanessa Williams | Publish with Glogster!

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VANESSA WILLIAMS She is a personal favorite of mine. I admire her strength. I would have given up if I had to endure what she did.

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Still of the ageless BEAUTY Vanessa Williams in Desperate Housewives

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seriously why are we not bestfriends

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PHOTOS - Ancienne Miss America, Vanessa Williams semble avoir bloqué le compteur des années. Selon sa carte d'identité, elle a pourtant aujourd'hui 47 ans.

Vanessa Williams Miss America Scandal | Ancienne Miss America, Vanessa Williams semble avoir bloqué le ...

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Vanessa Williams as Wilhelmina Slater Ugly Betty - So-so show. Gorgeous clothes!!!!

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Best Beauty Looks in Black History

Vanessa Williams

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Vanessa Williams

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Vanessa Williams ~ Born March 18, 1963

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Vanessa L. Williams : " COMPLETE JUSTIFICATION , for eyesight ! One of The Almightys' Most Attractive creations .. " !!!! .. and , on the Seventh Day , He rested ! "

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Top 25 Beautiful Black Female Celebrities

* Vanessa Williams.

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DIY Toddler Friendly Felt Tree

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