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Victorian Bulldog ... Info on origin, appearance, character, temperment, etc.

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Image detail for -Victorian Bulldog

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Victorian Bulldog Puppy

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Victorian Bulldog

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What is a Victorian Bulldog? (with pictures). I get asked this question all the time, lol.

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victorian bulldog puppies

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The Victorian Bulldog is loyal and reliable with a typical bulldog personality. Although its appearance can be somewhat intimidating, it is among the gentlest of dogs.

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The Victorian Bulldogs in this section are not from the same lines as the Mollett Victorian Bulldogs aka Victorian Bulldog. It is also not the same lines as the Olde Victorian Bulldogs bred by Carlos Woods. The exact origin of this type of Victorian Bulldogs is unknown, but it is showing up for sale inside the USA.

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Victorian Bulldog, my future Princess!

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Victorian Bulldog...this is what the bulldog is supposed to look like. I love this breed and would love to own one. Too bad they only breed them in Great Britain.

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