The Fantastic Character Art of Akihiko Yoshida

The Fantastic Character Art of Akihiko Yoshida

Viera From final fantasy is an interesting character model due to the abstractness of her appearance. The armor style and color pallet mixed with the ears could provide further inspiration for a character model:

Viera Sketch 01 by Lelia

Color Skecth based on vieras from FFXII, I love this game and I'm a bit (I don't know why!

Viera White Mage: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

White Mage (Tactics Advance) - The Final Fantasy Wiki - 10 years of having more Final Fantasy information than Cid could research!

Viera at Arms by on @DeviantArt

Pencil drawing, digital colors (photoshop) I was inspired while playing through FF tactics again. Akihiko Yoshida might be my favorite Final fantasy art. Viera at Arms

I am totally going to have to order this! It looks just like my dog Brutus. I can't wait to see the look of confusion on my dogs my little toddler faces.

Awesome Realistic 3D Animal Shirts

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Patricia Viera Spring 2017

Patricia Viera Spring 2017 - Fashion Trends, Designers, High Fashion & Casual Collections - Fashion News and Latest Trends

Los 7días/7looks de Harley Viera-Newton © Icíar J. Carrasco. Realización: Claudia Torres-Rondón. Maquillaje: Eduardo Martínez

Los 7días/7looks de Harley Viera-Newton. Así viste la it-girl, modelo y DJ