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Jaroslav Vojna,

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Barbed wire near Plezso, on the Upper Isonzo. ITALIAN FIRST WORLD WAR OFFICIAL COLLECTION (Q 65121)

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WWII. - 1941-45. - Croatia / NDH - ustaše kolju uhvaćenog Srbina

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mosaic by vojna bastovanovic Weim!!! Check out Sam Bertie's dog art board - for more amazing dog art pins!

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WWII. - 1943. - Croatia/NDH - Zagreb - parada uz jubilej - 15.04.

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World War 2 Propaganda style Pinup Posters by Britt Dietz, in this tribute to the WAVES! The WAVES (or Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service) were a part of the US Navy and much like the WAC/SPARS counterparts very crucial to the war effort.

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After the first battle of the Revolution, a young Hungarian girl emerges from a building housing resistance fighters carrying a rifle (the Hungarian Revolution of 1956).

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Captured, Kliment Voroshilov KV-1, russian heavy tank.

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War...what does it solve....besides destruction....

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[Photo] German Army PzKpfw VI Tiger I heavy tank and motorcycle, Russia, Mar 1944

German Army PzKpfw VI Tiger I heavy tank and motorcycle, Russia, Mar 1944

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World War II Russian veteran wearing a Navy uniform with numerous orders and medals. 2000s, May 9 – the Victory Day in Russia.

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A damaged PzKpfw V Ausf. D Panther" medium tank (tactical number 713 ") of the IInd Battalion, 5th SS-Panzer Regiment, 5th SS-Panzer Division Wiking" rests by a dirt-track.

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Vietnamese female soldier. Pretty but very dangerous.

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Zagreb - 1941. - NDH - Pavelić - prvi govor kao Poglavnik - 15.04.

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The death toll for American troops in Vietnam was around 58,000, a good number of those were just teenagers.

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