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Foraging Ball Stack - Parrot Toys & Bird Toy Parts by A Bird Toy

3 Wiffle Stack - Parrot Toys & Bird Toy Parts by A Bird Toy.

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Bird Products


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Bird play gym! So fun for a special enrichment day. The frame could be taken apart for storage and even resued woth

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A variation of the shish ka bob. For many more idea's:

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DIY: 15 Foraging Toys For Birds! I'll have to make some of these!

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♥ Pet Bird Stuff ♥ Shredding toy. Made from coffee filters.

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For some reason, my 'tiels just love these

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The dollar store: The ultimate house of bird toy accessories! - A list of things you can find at a dollar store to make bird toys out of!

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MoPa :: View topic - DIY Bird Toys/Recipes

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(98) The Parrot's Workshop I would use Paper towel rolls and cut them down. Use an exacto knife towards center to make slits.

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