Read every moment you can - that's what all our lecturers and assistants advise us... I'm feeling guilty when I forget to take my textbook with me in the toilet
College Made Easier
Hahaha. SO TRUE! #Humor #College

29 Horrific Things That Happen Every Single Finals Week

So me...
Haha!! Sleeping in college: | 18 Pictures That Sum Up The Difference Between High School And College

Sleeping in college:

Highschool was so Judgy.  In college you saw someone riding a razor scooter to class in bunny pajamas and all you thought was...   "That is a Smart man"
What it's like taking an online course where the teacher doesn't answer back for like a week and a half.
13 Majors In The Emperors New College :) I'm dying!!

Probably a repost, but still makes me laugh :)

Seriously! Spring semester is just naturally impossible to survive. It's when uni's inner sadist comes out.