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Excited to announce the ⋙☽AERIAL YOGA ♡GΔDDΣSS MOON CHALLENGE☽ #aerialmoongoddess ⭐️Make sure you JOIN THE TRIBE ABOVE ^^^ Winners will be announced through email! Check out our pose tutorial belo…

Aerial Yoga Moon Goddess Challenge

10 BENEFITS OF AERIAL YOGA MARGIE PARGIE with 8 aerial yoga tutorials, a guided meditation & sexy inspirational video <3 XO MP

10 Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga. Anti-Gravity Yoga. Woman Doing Anti Gravity Yoga ...
aeriel yoga - will try this to practice grabbing my foot over my head
You can get into a seemingly endless amount of positions on the right yoga swing.  Click on the image to see Tone's website.
Margie Pargie Aerial Yoga PMS Tutorial

Aerial Yoga for PMS

5 Tips to Rock Your First Aerial Yoga Class
Show your hips and hammies some love with this free, 30 minute yoga trapeze flow! Click here to start your flow!

30 Minute Yoga Trapeze Flow: Hips & Hamstrings