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Assessment for Learning. Spread cups on table and have students race to correctly order, smallest to biggest. Great visual way to show levels of organization. This would also work for DKPCOFGS, sorting individual body systems parts, even the sequence of mitosis and meiosis, students could make their own sets and doodle diagrams on the cups.

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The Cell Membrane- The REAL Control Center of the Cell Close Reading

Help increase science literacy by using this close reading assignment on the cell membrane! From a young age, students learn that the nucleus is the control center of the cell. DNA is housed in the nucleus, and that genetic material determines our phenotypes.


Agricultural Biology - Great DNA identification worksheet. Learn more about the animal genetics experts at MOFA Global


Step by step guide for setting up a carbon cycle lab. Students will observe photosynthesis and cellular respiration in aquatic plants. From Science Rocks


Eggmosis – Teaching Selectively Permeable Membranes with Eggs. Because of the inner membrane underneath the shell, an egg is a perfect tool when teaching students about selectively permeable membranes. This demonstration takes seconds to set up and can be left out for a few days for students to observe.


Hands-on Activities for Teaching Biology to High School or Middle School Students


My students turned my whole classroom into a giant cell! Each group of students built an organelle (with a rough scale model in relation to the size of the classroom) and presented them to the class. I love this because it helps students really connect