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Queens For Pennies First published in: American Bee Journal, March 2014 - day 4 after grafting


Having bees has been a dream of mine for a while. Flow Hive allows honey to be harvested on tap, which is 1. easier for humans to harvest, and 2. less stressful and harmful to bees.

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Včelárstvo, včely, med a ostatné veci okolo toho

Bee Toolbox- nitral gloves, frame holder,Queen Catcher, pill container with holes,smoker,/fuel/BBQ Starter, knife, elastic bands, duct tape, bee brush/ feather duster, bucket, hive tool, queen marke,Jar with lid for propolis/wax. Wire, zip ties to reattach cone , pencil/pad nails, hammer.Push Pins,Screen mesh, vasaline to keep ants off or diatomateous earth sprinkle around hive. Spray bottle of sugar water to calm bees if not using smoker. Corks/stoppers for hive & smoker.