Profile of Marine with rifle, with helmet bearing God inscription and can opener. ~ Vietnam War

A Marine at Con Thien wears his faith, alongside earthly goods, on his helmet. September/October “To every Marine on that hilltop the Lord always seemed nearby.” War Without Heroes, Photo by David Douglas Duncan

B17 (My Uncle was an engineer on one of these planes. Shot down. hid, POW,  freed -camp saved-sent to a "butterball" US hospital camp to recover from near starvation. {butterball may be a term our family used??} He made it home! I am getting correct info. and will repin then. He lived into his early 90's. NEVER used derogatory terms about the then enemy. A real gentleman. More asap  K)

The organised formation of the bomber planes high above ground are a completely different picture to the fire and confusion going on where the bombs hit and this is a very good example of order and disorder in war.

Love these black and white photos with fabric-like overlays by Guy Catling.  (Collage / Digital Art / Mixed Media )

black and white photos with fabric-like overlays by Guy Catling. (Collage / Digital Art / Mixed Media ) (What if the helmets reflected the personalities of the soldiers)

WWII German Soldier in A Gas Mask Earth, Air, Water, Fire Links to Air                                                                                                                                                                                 More

WWII German Soldier in A Gas Mask. Hitler should be given credit for seeing that gas was not used during the European war due to his own disgust with chemical warfare. He had been a gas casualty during the First World War.

June 1965 — “War Is Hell” | The 50 Most Powerful Pictures In American History

June 1965 —

June 1965 — "War Is Hell" An unidentified U. Army soldier wears a hand-lettered “War Is Hell” slogan on his helmet, a phrase that became popular during the Vietnam War.

For many people, war continued to be a hard time. People's family members, loved ones, and friends were going to fight for the freedom. They continued to make sure Hitler wouldn’t touch our sacred land. Many live continued to be lost, but also many survivors came out of this war with stories to tell. The source, however, isn't credible because it is just an image attached to a store website.

2 World War, planes dumping soldiers in parasuits, some has already landed, and are running to seek cover.

“Don't ever go to war. Even if you win, the battle is never over inside you.”   War was a huge theme and a part of the setting in this novel because it shapes several of the characters.

Were American Soldiers Compassionate during the Vietnam War?

This image shows an American soldier risking his life to save two Vietnamese children during a fight. This is bravery. A man risking his life to save the enemy's children Only The American Soldier Would Do This !