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10 Literary Authors Who Illustrated Their Own Work

William Blake. Elements of note are the flatness, the instrument that's both a compass and a square, the abstraction of the blocks of color, and the cosmic wind blowing the hair & beard. The above etching/watercolor “Ancient of Days” is from his 1794 prophetic book Europe a Prophecy.

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William Blake - "The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun" (1805-1810)

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William Blake -- Epitome of James Hervey's 'Meditations among the Tombs' circa 1820-5

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William Blake Paintings | William Blake Paintings, Drawings, Graphics, Art Printing Gallery

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William Blake

Love these angels. Maybe more abstract, more color. Either side of fireplace? william blake - Google Search

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William Blake, ‘The Entombment’ c.1805 - he was strongly influenced by his time in Westminster Abbey drawing sketches of the tombs - this tomb position is a posture used repeatedly in his work to signify death of the spirit

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William Blake, The Ghost of a Flea Blake was dismissed as mad throughout his life, because he claimed to be directed to art as a spiritual calling, and believed he could see into the spiritual realm. “I am under the direction of Messengers from Heaven Daily & Nightly.”

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Clarity Shines

We are all artists. Our most precious divine gift is creativity. Therefore… dance your life, sing your song, write your story. Create with words, color, clay, yarn, food... Make love. Continue reading at (Image: Jacob's Ladder by William Blake)

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William Blake "See the world in a grain of sand"

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Yaz Güneşi'ne felçli bir halde hücum eder. Biline en güçlü zehir Sezar'ın Defne Tacın'ndan gelmiştir. Çarpıtamaz İnsan ırkı'nı Zırh'ın demiri kadar kimse. Altın ve Mücevherler Saban'ı süslediğinde Kıskançlık boyun eğecektir barış Sanatlarına. Bir Tutku'nun içinde olmak sana İyi gelebilir. Ama Tutku senin içindeyse bu hiç İyi değildir. Bir Memleket'in Kader'ini belirler Kumarbaz ve Fahişe, Devlet onlara resmi izin verdiğinde. Orospu'nun sokaktan sokağa seslenişi

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