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10 Wisconsin Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

10 Wisconsin Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate - Movoto

Priebus Derides Clinton Role In ‘Fraud’ Wisconsin Recount - The Daily Caller

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9 Boardwalks In Wisconsin That Will Make Your Summer Awesome

9 Of The Most Scenic Boardwalks in Wisconsin

Hillary Clinton Joining The Recount In Wisconsin Is A Waste Of Time -

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Does Jill Stein's recount effort have any chance?

Stein is questioning results in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin -- where Trump won by razor-thin margins -- and in Michigan, which is still too close to call

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America’s Least Attractive Cities

5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Computer scientists say they have strong evidence election was rigged against Clinton in three key states

In Wisconsin, Ms Clinton received 7 per cent fewer votes in counties that depended on electronic-voting machines compared to countries that used optical scanners and paper ballots, and consequently Ms Clinton may have lost up to 30,000 votes. She lost Wisconsin by 27,000 votes.


Michigan Recount Goes To Trump And Trump Slams Wisconsin Recount Effort!!

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Experts Urge Clinton Campaign to Challenge Election Results in 3 Swing States

Jill Stein has raised more than $6 million for recounts in three battleground states – Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Exit interviews showed Hillary Clinton winning four crucial swing states that, when the final vote tallies came in, were reportedly won by Donald Trump? Interviewing voters after the vote, exit polls, are considered a very accurate measure of voter intent and a clear indicator of election fraud, and have at times been used to prove fraud.


Clinton team joins Stein's three-state vote recount that begins in Wisconsin #TrumpWon -