Diana, princess of the amazon.

This quote is true of every narcissist and coward I have come across in the real world who try and tear me down. Powerful quote, and a great reminder that they fear me and from their own dark places try to dim my shine.

It is not about what we deserve. It is about what we believe. Wonder Woman quotes 2017 #wonderwoman #wonderwomanquotes #DC

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Newest 'Wonder Woman' Movie Posters Features The Princess In Battle - Figures News from Around the World

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In Her One and Only, Gray considers Dru to be a female super hero type of person. Thus, he decides he ought to come up with just the right super hero nick name for her.

My first tattoo: --The anchor represents Hebrews 6:19, the scripture I meditate on most during my bouts with anxiety/depression. --The arrow down the middle represents the people in my life who propel me forward. --The Wonder Woman symbol is the feather in the arrow and the top bar of the anchor...just because I love Wonder Woman!  Tattoo design by Russell Corbett at Hybrid Tattoo in Penn Hills, PA

The anchor represents Strength, arrow down the middle represents the people in my life who propel me forward and Wonder Woman symbol to remind me I'm still a superhero no matter the obstacle.

Pretty cool looking braid - mixes infinity, dutch infinity, dutch fishtail and regular fishtail. WHEW!

Wonder Woman Braid Hair Tutorial - KayleyMelissa --- small half ponytail, a few stitches of infinity braid. Then Dutch infinity until all hair above ears is in. Then regular infinity 1 inch below ears. Then French fishtail.