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Making Yogurt at home is super easy when you are making crock pot yogurt. This Homemade yogurt recipe is super easy and anyone can make it with a crock pot. Crock pot yogurt will save you money and it tastes great!
Frozen Yogurt Bark with Berries - Frozen yogurt studded with gorgeous blue and red berries! A delicious, fun, and healthy dessert!
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Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowls topped with fresh fruits, nuts, and superfoods. Rich in protein, healthy carbs, and superfoods to give you energy all day long. A Yogurt Bar is perfect for entertaining. Includes a list of popular topping ideas plus favorite flavor combinations. It will become a breakfast favorite!
Tzatziki is a deliciously fresh and easy dip with yogurt, cucumber, lemon and dill. Totally irresistible on pita, chicken and cooked or raw veggies (and it's good for you too)!
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Easy to make Chocolate Chip COOKIE DOUGH Frozen Yogurt Recipe! We have a new and delicious dessert recipe. You are going to love this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frozen Yogurt recipe.  You don’t have to have fancy ingredients, just the desire to make a del
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Choosing a healthy yogurt at the supermarket can be a challenge since most “healthy” yogurts are chock full of sugar.  How to solve this dilemma? Make your own!  You won't believe how ridiculously easy it is to make at home.