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sixteen, daugher of Watkin Tudor Jones aka Ninja Anri Du Toit aka Yo-Landi Vi$$er

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Yolandi The Rat Mistress

Tanya Shatseva "Yolandi the Rat Mistress"

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“Yolandi the Rat Mistress” by Tanya Shatseva


Here's a list of eight notable artists, writers and musicians who have been influenced by chaos magick, the postmodern version of occultism that shows you how to create your own rules for reality Chaos magick is a postmodern system of magick that emerged during the late 20th century in England. During the late 1970s and early 1980s,…

Watkin Tudor Jones (AKA Ninja Of Die Antwoord) Memoirs Of A Clone (Full ...

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Yolandi Visser - Original Drawing - Die Antwoord Yo landi Visser South Africa Rap Rave Hip Hop Techno DJ Record zef ZEF Culture Indie Ninja