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the marauders and lily :)

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Professor McGonagall: "Sirius Black did what?" Madame Pomfrey: "I woudln't let him see Mr. Lupin as he was still resting from last night. I told him that unless he was injured he was not allowed to stay.. so he punched himself in the face and told me he was injured." Professor Dumbledore: "Well... you have to admire his dedication."

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The Marauders and McGonagall

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the marauders prank wall

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the marauders More

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Sirius talking his way out of trouble with Minnie McG.

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the marauders I love how in the bottom frame you can see molly, Arthur, and possibly Luna's mom

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the marauders More

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the marauders and lily

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The Marauders and their Christmas part 1

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