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Some people don't understand why I help animals in need. I don't understand why they wonder ...

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I helped saved a few lives and will continue to save as many lives as I can throughout my life! <3

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OMG!!! I so would!! I want to help animals and people.. Ya'll can have that Ferrari and designer brand nonsense!! I want to make a difference and help! I wouldn't even buy a Corvette.. That's money I can do better things with☺️

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How to Start Your Own Animal Rescue

How to Start an Animal Rescue

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"Rescue is my Favourite Breed" Animal Welfare T-Shirt Concept for Paws for Hope.

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When you've looked in the eyes of a dumped/left behind animal and wanted to erase all their hurt and pain, while at the same time wanting to hurt the human responsible for causing it, you might be an animal rescuer.

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Peace Love Rescue Decal Dog Rescue Decal - Adopt a Dog Vinyl Decal - Dog Lover Window Sticker- Animal Rescue

Dog Rescue Decal Adopt a Dog Vinyl Decal Dog by VillageVinyl, $3.99 from

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Great read...because not everyone does understand what exactly an animal rescue does. "Behind the Scenes of an Animal Rescue" - Common Questions & Answers. Adopt, don't shop.

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SUPPORT ANIMAL RESCUE. If you can't rescue, please support those who do - DONATE. Adopt Spay Neuter Transport Foster until they ALL HAVE HOMES

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