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Bývajú aj vaše deti v spoločnej izbe? Pozrite si 20 čarovných nápadov na zdieľané dievčensko-chlapčenské detské izby na #izba #room #dievčatko #chlapček #boy #girl #design #dizajn #tojenápad

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Crea una pequeña y acogedora chimenea de jardín utilizando un par de tápers de plástico y cemento

pallets pared 1

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A Small Space Triple Bunk Solution — Casa Diez

How do you fit three beds, a desk and two chairs into a typical sized bedroom? And did we mention adding a closet too? You make custom bunks that give each child their own little hideaway without feeling like they're being shoved in a corner.

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Top 20 Crazy Ideas to Repurpose Chicken Feeders

Many of us at home have a lot of old and vintage stuff that are too old to be used. Instead of throwing them, most of them can be recycled and reused with a new purpose. Maybe you’ve seen a few clever ideas how to repurpose old items in interesting and creative ways. But have […]

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19 Lucky Horseshoe Crafts Surely Attract Interest

Are you in search for an unique DIY project you can do with those unused things around your home? How about horseshoe crafts? Horseshoes are now almost a staple in modern and rustic decor. They can be turn into gorgeous home decorations or made into amazing art pieces for home decor. So if you happen […]

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Cozinha gourmet de 35 m² com aproveitamento de cada cantinho

Apoiada em mãos-francesas, ela acomoda os convidados sobre um tapete de ladrilhos hidráulicos (Ville Rose Cerâmica, R$ 175 o m²). Suscetíveis a manchas, essas peças receberam uma camada de resina impermeabilizante.

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DIY Project: Cayden's Big Boy Bedroom-Part 2

nice DIY Project: Cayden's Big Boy Bedroom-Part 2 by

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Fauna Duvet Cover & Sham

Fauna Duvet Cover & Sham | Pottery Barn I understand this is probably not what you're looking for but I think it's really beautiful. It has green in it so you can do the sage walls.