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I couldn't be more proud of him. I go back remembering in 2008 and seeing his videos and being an instant fan and now look where he is.Went from singing on the streets of Stratford Ontario Canada to the biggest popstar ever. U call him justin bieber I call him Kidrauhl. Idc what all the haters say I will support him thru everything I am a belieber since the beginning til the end. Never say Never and Believe(:


Part of I'll Show You - Justin Bieber lyrics ❤

being alone sucks, but then its harder for anyone to hurt you...

R.I.P. Mitch Lucker, I didn't listen to your music but you seemed to be a wonderful personand a caring father.

me tooo.......the sound of rain makes me feel safe, relax and inspires me with creative ideas ......

You discover you have wings when you open a book.

just change the 14 with coffee and ♥