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a silver ring with an intricate design on the front and back side, set against a white background
náhrdelník nerezový STEELLACE - ÚĽUV - Ústredie ľudovej umeleckej výroby
náhrdelník nerezový STEELLACE - Slovak folk art - metal necklace
two white objects sitting on the floor with wires attached to them and plugged into each other
ČLÁNOK | Národná cena za dizajn 2009 - výsledky 9. ročníka
design by Anton Zetocha
a red and white object sitting on top of a wooden table
KOLEKCIA BULBO | Furnicoolture
three metal bowls with flowers in them on a white surface, against a grey background
THE LION'S SHARE: London Design Festival 2014 - DPAGES - a design publication for lovers of all things cool & beautiful
LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL 2014 - The Bauhaus inspired Exhibit Light & Bowl by MEJD
Václav Mlynár combines physical and digital play in Koski game
These simple, wooden blocks designed by Royal College of Art graduate Václav Mlynář's contain a bridge to a hidden world that can only be unlocked by iPad
Collection 1 | Crafting Plastics Photography, Milan, Eyewear, Biodegradable Plastic, Biodegradable Products, Plastic Design, Round Sunglasses
Collection 1 | Crafting Plastics
Collection 1 | Crafting Plastics
a wooden sign that says sometimes you win sometimes you learn next to a stack of books
Mr. Wood,
a tiny house sitting on top of a field next to a night sky filled with stars
a gray and purple bag sitting on top of a white table next to a flower
Šedo-fialový BUBAK / BUBAKdesign -
BUBAK - designed felt bag
three wooden toy figures hanging from strings on a white background, one is wearing a red hat and the other has a blue shirt
HRAVO - "PuppetPlay" by Michala Lipkova - a wooden toy inspired by slovak traditions and crafts
a woman sitting on top of a white chair next to a table with a lamp hanging from it
We are MEJD product design studio from Bratislava
Gymnastics furniture
a futuristic car is parked in the parking lot next to a tall building with windows
Aeromobil - First flying Car
Aeromobil 2.5 Flying Car design by Štefan Klein further reading here:
an exercise ball and keychain are on display
people are standing around in a room with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and lights on the walls
FOSALI®: LED dizajnová budúcnosť zo Slovenska
Fosali, StartUp Awards winner of design category in 2014,