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a painting of a man with a pipe in his mouth sitting on a chair and holding a cane History, Art, Street Art, Portrait, Russian Painting, Artist, Ukrainian Art, Fantasy, Ilya Repin
Kosakenporträt by IlyaRepin
Илья Репин - Козак.
a painting of a man standing next to a white horse in a field with purple flowers Cyril, Culture, Eurasian Steppe, Historia, Medieval
Проводи на Січ (деталь)
a painting of two people standing in the woods Decoupage, Regency, Vintage, Retro, Rococo, Paul, Florist, Old Things
Amédée Paul Greux
Figurine, Character Art, Museums, Fantasy Art, Medieval Knight, Soldier, Foot Soldier
Models Zaporozhian cossack .Ukraine. Пугач1648
an old photo of two men sitting next to each other Masters, Buddha, Vans, China, Master, Olds, Pins, Che Guevara
two women dressed in elaborate clothing standing next to each other and one holding a cat Ibiza, Buddhism, Ethnic, Centre, Ancient, Asia
King Gesar Arts Festival in Kardze, Kham, Tibet 2003 | Two women from Pelyul, easily recognised by their headdresses. The woman on the right is the same as the previous several photo. The bead worn this lady's wears in the centre of her forehead is almost definitely an ancient dZi. dZi in her other jewelry, such as the rings she wears, may also be ancient beads
an image of african masks with names and pictures on the front page for each mask Mascara, Afro Art, Mascaras, African, African Mythology, Mask, Arc
Egyptian and African masks
an image of people in the middle of a circle made out of straw bales Architecture, Inspiration, Africa, Organic Architecture, Organic Building, Hut, Architec, Environment Design, Amazing Architecture
Santasak's Vernacular Architecture Study : Musgum Hut, Cameroon
FOLKROOMS: Santasak's Vernacular Architecture Study : Musgum Hut, Cameroon
the diagram shows how to make a circular house with four rooms and three floors, as well as two thatched roofs Round Huts Design, Round Architecture, Cluster Housing, Hexagon House, Earth Bag Homes, Round Building, Mud House, Genius Loci, Architecture Concept Drawings
Round Huts and the Cluster Arrangement – the Mesakin Quisar House
a man in an elaborately decorated headdress Kos, Durban, African Tribes, Zulu, African Culture, African People
a woman in an elaborately decorated costume
Cérémonie des masques dogons