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a red and yellow fire with flames coming out of it's sides on a white background
a white flower with red and yellow flames in the shape of a sunburst
Holy Spirit symbol - a white dove, with halo of light rays and seven rays of fire symbolizing sevenfold gifts of the Holy Spirit.
a white bird with red and yellow flames around it's head in the center of a circle
“I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God.” ~Apostle Paul
an image of jesus in the midst of many people
a white bird with a branch in its beak
Dominika Daniela Olejková
a table topped with two vases and a lit candle next to a bird statue
Fotos De Mar Más En Inspiración | Frases Espirituales 84C
the altar is decorated with red and white flowers in front of a crucifix
a vase filled with flowers and candles sitting on top of a table covered in red cloths
Pentencoste 2021
a quilted wall hanging on the side of a building in front of a blue sky
Custom banners for worship | Liturgical Fabric Arts | United States
Holy Spirit banner shows dynamic movement. Great for Pentecost, confirmation, or any occasion invoking the Spirit. Have it made in the colors of your choice. Enliven your rituals.
an artistic drawing of a dove with sunbeams in the background and gold rays coming from its wings
Holy Spirit pour out the love of Jesus this Pentecost Sunday.
a painting of a dove with its wings spread