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ILM Art Department Challenge 2016, Kiki Kurnia's submission


AL1-L3, nicknamed "Allie," was a protocol droid that served in the administrative center of the Pyke Syndicate's spice mines on the planet Kessel. After witnessing a droid revolution sparked by the droid L3-37 in 10 BBY, AL1 saw a glimpse of independence that survived in the back of her processors when she was later scrapped and recycled. AL1-L3 slowly rebuilt herself and began to work as a cargo hauler for droid clientele. In 35 ABY, she heeded the call of L3-37's old allies Lando…

In preparation for my next Star Wars Campaign I commissioned some awesome portraits from Will Nunes. Made a nice collection of allies, enemies or neutral parties. Going to be lots of fun.

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Bargian & others, Mikhail Palamarchuk

art for cardboard game Planetarianie

Medical Droid by joelhustak on DeviantArt

Medical Droid painted for the 'Star Wars - Age of Rebellion' RPG book by Fantasy Flight Games. Art Director: Zoe Robinson Medical Droid

Tyber 2020, Mack Sztaba

Personal art.

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Character Artwork Thread

My wifes characters voorpak! She made it herself.

Assassin Droid (Star Wars the Old Republic)

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BT-1 assassin droid

BT-1 assassin droids, also known as Blastomechs, were a type of assassin droid that were designed to look like ordinary astromech droids. Doctor Chelli Lona Aphra reactivated a prototype BT-1 assassin droid, designated BT-1.1 Star Wars Helmet Collection 8 (Databank A-Z: BricC-3PO) BT-1 and 0-0-0 Villain Pack Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition Starships and Speeders



FLO, also known as WA-7, was the name of a unicycled service droid in Dex's Diner on Coruscant. 1 Description 2 History 3 Behind the scenes 4 Appearances 4.1 Non-canon appearances 5 Sources 6 Notes and references She featured a built-in order transmitter that kept her in touch with the kitchen at all times. A paired set of repulsor stabilizers helped her maintain balance as she went around her customers. She disliked low tippers, and was often seen flirting with the dishwasher unit. FLO…

Assassin Droid (Star Wars the Old Republic)

Illustrator & Concept Artist

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IT-O Interrogator

The IT-O was an interrogation droid designed by Imperial Security Bureau and employed by the Galactic Empire. Use of the IT-O was carefully controlled by ISB, though some models found their way into the hands of senior Moffs, military intelligence and even CompForce. They were also employed by Imperial Inquisitors and Stormtrooper garrison commanders. 1 Characteristics 2 History 3 Behind the scenes 4 Appearances 5 Sources 6 Notes and references 7 External links It was a hovering droid…

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Star Wars R5-J2 Imperial Astromech Droid Sixth Scale Figure

The R5-J2 Imperial Astromech Droid Sixth Scale FIgure is now available at for fans of Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi.