Meltow (50% discount, from 15€)

Meltow Font Fonts **Meltow Family**In the age where stationery is replaced by typing devices, Meltow brings back mem by Typesketchbook Foundry

Delm (50% discount, from 15€)

Delm font family is one of those large and useful families that you really can’t miss if you are looking for typeface combining originality and legibility. Delm is one of these – a sans serif with geometric modern look.

Tolyer (50% discount, from 5,50€)

Tolyer discount, from

Gliny (70% discount, from 10,20€)

Gliny was created by mixing different styles of hand writing fonts that derived from various tools such as pen, markers, drafting pens, painting brushes, writing brush and etc. In order to develop a new and diverse font.

Oblivian Grotesque (50% discount, from 13,50€)

Oblivian Grotesque is a sans serif type family of ten weights. The typeface is based on geometric forms with bits and pieces of modern humanistic grotesque fonts.

Halis Grotesque (90% discount, family 14,60€)

The Halis Grotesque font family comes in eight weights of Normal and Italic. In addition, all weights contain small caps in both italic and normal. The name of the font means “pure, clean.” The Halis Grotesque Font Family.

Hellschreiber (50% discount, from 13,50€)

The birth of the monospaced types dates back to the past. There was a need for the creation of typesets for typewriters. The difficulty was to align the different glyphs in the same width.

Bommer Sans (50% discount, from 12€)

Bommer Sans is a warm and friendly type with a distinguishable look. It has been designed to add our twist to the flavour of English humanistic sans serif typefaces. Bommer Sans works like a charm for editorial, headlining.

Geometrico (50% discount, from 15€)

Geometrico (50% discount, from 15€)

Labrador (50% discount, from 15,50€)

Labrador is a sans-serif and proportional font designed in 2013 by Chatnarong Jingsuphatada. A regular member of the Labrador font family, this is a elegant, modern, thin, rounded and clean typeface.

Nutmeg (70% discount, from 5,70€)

Nutmeg, font by W Foundry. Nutmeg can be purchased as a desktop and a web font.

Haggard Nova (50% discount, family 104€)

Haggard Nova is the new edition of Haggard fonts (designed in The new typeface is an upgraded version of an old wedge serif font, with careful refinements to glyph shapes, and the extension of glyph amounts which.

Salty (20% discount, from 11,99€)

Salty - not fat just big boned. Salty is a hearty brush family that’s great for any kind of display use from packaging to poster & logos to headlines. Salty has bold and clear basic letterforms and lots of alternates for.

SparkPlug (NEW font)

SparkPlug (NEW font)

Sogu (80% discount, from 2,20€)

Sogu (80% discount, from 2,20€)