Posterizer KG Rough (50% discount, $15.00) -

Posterizer KG Rough (50% discount, 12,50

Posterizer KG Rough is basically a hand-printed texture version of the Egyptian Slab Serif font Posterizer KG that already exists. Posterizer Kg Rough looks good on substrates with a rustic texture like wood, metal, textile.

Dense (NEW font) -

Dense (NEW font

Dense is a versatile, elegant, geometric and compact sans-serif typeface. Though it is a very flexible typeface, it truly shines at larger sizes when used for headlines and poster design.

Atletico (NEW font) -

Atletico (NEW font

Atletico Modern High Quality Font with 6 Styles from Stereotypes and Artill

Estandar (61% discount, from $0, family $49.00) -

Estandar (50% discount, family 50

Faricy New (NEW font) -

Faricy New (NEW font

Faricy New (NEW font) -

Rolling Pen (30% off, from $13.30)

Rolling Pen (50% discount, from 11,69

Nouveau Sans JNL (NEW font) -

Nouveau Sans JNL (NEW font

Nouveau Sans JNL (NEW font) -

Savings and Loan JNL (NEW font) -

Savings and Loan JNL (NEW font

Savings and Loan JNL (NEW font) -

Filmotype Western (NEW font) -

Filmotype Western (NEW font

Filmotype Western font by Charles Gibbons is a project aimed at reviving a legend. It was first released in 1955 and was inspired by a French font of

Stay Gold (NEW font) -

Stay Gold (NEW font

Politica (50% discount, from $19.50) -

Politica (50% discount, from $19.50

A new Politica by Ale Paul, via Behance


GARDA (75% discount, family 8,25

GARDA Fonts Perfect font for posters, covers, vintage apparel and much more! by Pan Cabaj

Selektor Slab (30% off, from $17.50) -

Selektor Slab (30% off, from $17.50) -

Suicca  -

Suicca ($17.50

HWT Slab ($24.77) -

HWT Slab ($24.77

These two extra bold fonts are classic slab serif wood type styles with one detail of difference. Columbian is an extra bold Clarendon wood type that was manufactured by many of the wood type manufacturers in the late