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Whatever successful means to you, there are certain habits of successful women that help them to achieve their own success. Which habits do you have? Repin to share the success with others.

Success doesn't just happen. It comes from creating habits that are repeated over and over again. These are 11 habits of successful women you can copy too!

Thinking about getting your first tattoo? Make sure you know tips for finding the right artist, safety measures to follow, and aftercare instructions.

Thinking about getting your first tattoo? Any ink enthusiast will tell you that there are a lot of rules to consider — it's not something you do on a whim. Getting the exact artwork you want is a process that starts long before you arrive at the

Lots of tutorials  info.... http://www.primabead.com/HowTo.aspx

Jewelry supply names - these are extremely helpful, especially when trying to shop online. "Flattish wire on one side like it's been hit straight-on with a hammer how do you do that" only goes so far :)