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My heart just exploded❤️

A few things: hort lmao, aww Joon has to bend so much to hug Yoongi, and Yoongi has the purest look of joy on his face I just-

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literally cried at 4 in the morning last night because i was looking at a picture of jimin. i was a half conscious pile of blubbering mess on my bed in the dark at try and top that level of pathetic, i dare you.

Lol the funny thing is this is from spongebob squarepants Omg do u remember when jungkook imitated squid ward while namjoon imitated spongebob's laugh when they were on that one show XD

I'm crying so hard. It's finally hitting me that he's gone. Rest in peace beautiful angel. You did very well. You worked hard in everything you did and we're proud of you for that. You even tried to better yourself, but in the end you couldn't handle it anymore. But it's okay we don't blame you. Have a wonderful journey to Heaven. We'll miss you dearly ❤️. #YouDidWellJonghyun

We will miss u and ur music, but don’t worry we won’t forget to smile even though ur gone since you wouldn’t want us to be sad we will cherish our good memories of u Jonghyun! U can now rest and no longer suffer.