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Have You Driven A Volvo? #volvocars #volvoforlife

Finding a safe and secure storage space for your bicycles and motorbikes can be a hassle. They are awkward vehicles, which don’t need a large space and ta

Nephrons are the structural and functional units of the kidneys.    Visit: https://nurseslabs.com/urinary-system/    #Nurses #Nursing #NursingGuide

Much like sanitation workers who keep a city's water supply drinkable and dispose of its waste, the kidneys are usually unappreciated until there is a malfunction and "internal garbage" piles up.

Abdominal incisions ~though "transverse" also requires some clarity re placement, upper/lower ~

SURGICAL INCISION LABELS: the core. for Medical Interpreters. Useful for when going between languages especially when giving accurate labels to the signs on the body.