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a small kitten with a pink bow on it's head
a man pointing to a button with the words kissing n cuddling u for hours giving you endless love being yours and only yours all of the above
a sign that says i'm not trying to be clingy and annoying
ig: emmaryleeboo
a green stuffed animal with the words, you make me very happy and i wanna eat dinosaur chicken nuggets with you
a raccoon with the words it's called trash can not trash cannot
a small kitten sitting on top of a bed under a blanket with the caption me in my silly little bed avoiding my silly little tasks
Don’t feel like getting out of bed
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many different types of signs are shown in the same color and pattern as well as black, white, red, blue, green
Funny signs
two pictures of the same person on a horse and one with a balloon in his hand
28 saukomische Wortwitze, die du niemals vergisst – NIEMALS
28 saukomische Wortwitze, die du niemals vergisst – NIEMALS
an onion with pi written on it and the words, my friends stop your algera jokes we don't get em
Nerdy Memes For Anyone Who Wants To Learn A Thing Or Two