Love this!!! Classroom Decor Classroom Sign Teacher

Classroom Decor Classroom Sign Teacher by LittleLifeDesigns -- I will definitely use this is my classroom because it gives each student a sense of value.that they are respected and loved in my classroom. It also creates a welcoming environment.

out of this world door decor

Would be an adorable baby quilt. Come check out my intergalactic classroom! Also, get a closer look at our spacey doorway.

Bulletin Board

"Check Out the Lineup in." Using a T-shirt theme and hanging student shirts along a clothing line is a colorful idea for a Back To School bulletin board display. You can also have the children decorate their t-shirt

A Brand New Batch...

a brand new batch.Make three-dimensional cookies by cutting 2 circles out of brown construction paper, stuffed them with kleenex and staple them together. Then write each student's name on a cookie and draw dots to look like chocolate chips.

Back-to-School Bulletin Boards + Give Away!

Back-to-School Bulletin Boards + Decorated Doors

I love colorful displays, so this crayon classroom door display "Get Ready for a COLORFUL YEAR! OUR NEW PACK" is an idea I'd love to use. This idea would also look great as a Back to School bulletin board display. Put all the kids names up to be a crayon.

20 Cute Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas,,

20 Cute Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas