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an image of the back and arms of a man with no shirt on, showing his muscles
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the chart shows how to do stretching exercises
Stretching Exercises | Chart
the total abs workout chart shows how to do it in different positions, including one arm and
Works best if you're from the fire nation - Funny
Works best if you're from the fire nation
Effective chest workout
Fitness Workout by GetFit is all you need to keep yourself in a perfect shape, gain muscles and lose weight fast! It's totally okay to exercise at home with no equipment. Install now!
the diagram shows how to use an incline bench for chest and back muscles, as well as
The Best Chest Exercises for Building a Broad, Strong Upper Body -
When paired with a stronger, muscular back, having big pectorals will encourage you to have better posture, as well as making you look taller by adding height to your chest wall. Moreover, having stronger pecs will (obviously) make you more adept at pushing heavy objects, as well as being key muscles used in throwing and swinging exercises. Key bodyweight moves such as press-ups and burpees will become easier, too. Put simply, you will have greater upper-body strength.
the 30 day fitness plan for men
29 Awesomely Unusual Gifts for Men - Dodo Burd
Not suggesting it for women, but men who are used to working out or just people who know what they're doing and how not to injure themselves in exercise:
the six pack abs workout routine is shown in four different positions, including upper and lower abs