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a drawing of a fighter jet is shown in black and white, with the words general dynamic
cutaway | Thai Military and Asian Region
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Build review of Roden’s 1/144C-133 Cargomaster scale model airliner kit
Review of the 1/144 scale aircraft kit with great decals. Roden’s C-133 fills an important void in a line of American logistics aircraft. Douglas built 50 of the strategic airlifters in the late 1950s and they served the U.S. Air Force until the early 1970s when the C-5 arrived at squadrons. Read more here! #scalemodel #military #history #hobby #airliner #airplane
an american airlines model airplane on a blue background
Kendall Model Co. 1/72 scale American Airlines B727-200
The kit consists of 19 gray plastic parts for the major aircraft subassemblies, 102 clear plastic parts (each cabin window is a separate piece), and 53 drop-dead-gorgeous resin bits. It all comes in a huge sturdy box with a beautiful action shot of an "everything hanging" 727 landing on the boxtop.
a model airplane is shown on a gray surface with white and red trimmings
Minicraft Models 1/144 scale Trans World Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-80
The fit is excellent and the moldings are crisp and free of flash, with both raised and scribed panel lines. There's not much to the assembly-the basic fuselage halves, wing halves, and so forth-but there are some nice wrinkles. The front end of each engine nacelle is a separate part, eliminating the hard-to-fix seams found in some kits. I like the wing setup; long tabs at the roots slide through the fuselage and into slots in their mates.
a model airplane on a blue background
Airfix 1/72 scale Concorde
It's molded in white, clear, silver, and dark metallic-gray styrene, and has vinyl tires. The kit comes with paint brushes, small plastic "tinlets" of acrylic paint, glue, and Clearfix brand liquid window material.
an airplane is flying in the sky on a clear day with blue and white stripes
Hasegawa 1/200 scale Boeing 787-8
Hasegawa’s Dreamliner may not have many parts (67), but it doesn’t lack detail where it counts. There are no cabin or cockpit windows included, but these are ably covered on the decal sheet. Only one scheme is included, in the markings of ANA, but you can model any of their jets that carry this scheme thanks to the extra number decals included.
a white and blue model airplane on a white surface with the words canadian north painted on it
BPK 1/72 scale Boeing 737-200
It’s a big kit, mostly in light gray plastic but with resin, vinyl, sheet brass, and lots of photoetched metal. Decals are for one aircraft: a Canadian North airliner with an attractive blue and white scheme and a polar bear logo on the tail. Vinyl masks are provided for the windscreen, passenger windows, and for separating the blue and white sections on the aft fuselage.
a model airplane on a blue background
Hasegawa 1/200 scale 737-700 airliner
Molded with the fuselage split "normally" along the vertical axis. This kit is new in more than just subject, too, as the kit represents state-of-the-art molding and fit. Despite the small parts, some details come up big (such as beautiful wheels that would put a few larger kits to shame). While you can only build your 737-700 with the rakish winglets, you do get a gear-up option - a stand is included. Also included is a bolt for nose weight
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Zvezda 1/144 scale Sukhoi Superjet 100
Molded in dark gray plastic, the parts feature ultrafine recessed panel lines that hold up well under light paint coats. The kit can be built with the landing gear down or up; a sturdy stand is provided for the latter option.
a toy airplane flying in the sky on a light blue background with red and white stripes
Zvezda 1/144 scale Tu-134
The gray styrene molding includes a sturdy display stand. Surface detail is outstanding, with finely engraved panel lines that are among the best I have ever seen. Unlike some of Zvezda’s earlier airliner releases, there’s a little more engraving depth to the aileron hinges for a very convincing effect. The kit can be built in one of two versions, the glazed-nose Tu 134a or the solid-nose Tu 134B. The Aeroflot decals are crisply printed and in register.
a model airplane is flying in the sky
Zvezda 1/144 scale Boeing 747-8
Molded in medium gray plastic, the parts feature the beautifully fine detail for which Zvezda’s airliners are known. Panel lines are as fine as they can be and look good under paint. Unfortunately, the control surface outlines are just as fine; I’ve learned from experience that deepening them slightly with a scriber makes them look better on the finished model.
a model airplane on a blue background with the word united painted on it's side
Minicraft Models 1/144 scale United Airlines 727-200
The landing gear is beautifully detailed, and the turbine faces are cleverly mounted behind fully formed intakes with no visible seams. On the other hand, the wings have flat, thick tips, and the engine pods are too flat in cross-section. None of these shape problems are beyond fixing by a capable modeler armed with sandpaper and time.
a model airplane is shown on a light blue background
Revell Germany Embraer 195
Molded in white plastic, Revell’s beautifully molded ERJ has fine recesssed panel lines. The thin trailing edges on the wings and stabilizers impressed me, especially the delicate shark-fin winglets incorporated with the upper wings.
an airplane is flying in the air on a white background
Zvezda 1/144 scale Tupolev Tu-154M
Molded in light gray plastic, the parts have well-defined recessed panel lines and door outlines. Passenger windows are molded open rather than represented by decals. There are strips of clear cabin windows designed to attach from the inside before the fuselage is closed. The cockpit windows are molded as part of a forward fuselage insert so they're easier to blend without damaging the clear parts.
the model airplane is white and red with black dots on it's tail end
Hasegawa 1/144 scale Embraer 170
Molded in gray plastic, the parts feature fine engraved detail including panel lines and control surfaces. The wings’ trailing edges are accurately fine. The winglets, molded with the wing upper halves, look good but are perhaps a little thick. There are no clear parts: the windshield and cabin windows are represented by decals.