Plants for Hanging Baskets

Collection by Floranova_vegetalis


Floranova and Vegetalis have a number of varieties with wonderful cascading habits, making them ideal for hanging baskets!

Alyssum North Face with Pansy Freefall XL Red Wing

Costa Farms’ Season Premier Presents a First Look at New Varieties for 2018

The annual event brings breeders, growers, and retailers together to compare new plant varieties and evaluate their performance. Here's a look at some of the new varieties featured in the trial gardens.

Begonia Bossa Nova Orange #2015 #new #eckertsgreenhouseMI #begonia #bossanova #orange

Begonia Megawatt Red Bronze Leaf ( NEW) from Five Acre Farm Greenhouses

A complete listing of plants being offered by Five Acre Farm Greenhouses.

Pansy Freefall baskets being shipped from Metrolina. Gorgeous!

Pansy Freefall baskets being shipped from Metrolina. Gorgeous!

Temptation - Strawberry | Vegetalis

Temptation - Strawberry

Little Lanterns - Physalis | Vegetalis

Little Lanterns - Physalis

F1 Redskin - Pepper - Sweet | Vegetalis

Syngenta Flowers

F1 Cheyenne - Pepper - Hot | Vegetalis

F1 Cheyenne - Pepper - Hot

F1 Loco - Pepper - Hot | Vegetalis

F1 Loco - Pepper - Hot

F1 Apache - Pepper - Hot | Vegetalis

F1 Apache - Pepper - Hot

F1 Chenzo - Pepper - Hot | Vegetalis

F1 Chenzo - Pepper - Hot