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a man is painting the wall with blue and white stripes on it, while holding a paint roller
How to make a PLAID wall
Design FormuLA: How to make a PLAID wall
a black door with frosted glass on the front and side panels that have circles drawn on them
beyond the portico: IS IT FROSTED GLASS?
a white bathroom with a glass shower enclosure and wooden bench in the corner next to it
Window Decals Stylish Bubbles- Art Without Boundaries
a window that has some squares on it
This is a great Idea.. something id consider for the long window beside my front door
a room with a loft bed, desk and chair next to a large open door
A Buyer's Guide To The Most Beautiful Library Ladders
several pictures of different types of windows in the process of being painted and decorated with wallpaper
Fabric Covered Window Shades ... no tutorial for making fabric covered window shades so created this gallery. Using 1/4" plywood, luan or lattice boards to create your frame or used shutters; remove the slats for the framework. Use muslin or cotton to allow light to come thru but still create privacy. This blog has some info: ........... #DIY #shades #fabric #window #muslin #cotton #glue #luan #lattice #plywood #decor #crafts
an open window in a room with floral wallpaper
a wooden dresser sitting next to a window in a room with white walls and wood floors
Here's How to Cozy Up Your Room for Fall
a woman standing in front of a door with her arms up
How to Build Your Own Screen Door
AWESOME! Build your own DIY screen door with this amazing tutorial by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body! It's prettier, sturdier and cheaper than what you can find in stores!
a white toilet sitting next to a window in a bathroom
20 DIY Ideas for Windows
20 DIY Ideas for Windows | Hometalk
the front door is painted with different colors and directions to paint it, including measurements
How to Measure for a Screen Door - Wood Screen Doors