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a person is cutting into a cake in a pan
The first time I made this recipe at home, everyone was delighted! It only takes 4 ingredients! | The first time I made this recipe at home, everyone was delighted! It only takes 4 ingredients! | By Super Recipes | Facebook
a person pouring sauce on top of a cake in a pan
this easy dessert is so good! | dessert, cake | this easy dessert is so good! y'all, this tres leches orange cake is so good! | By Kristin's Friends | Alright, y'all. We're taking one box of orange supreme cake mix. This stuff is so good if y'all haven't tried it before, alright? This is an amazing hack. I have some sun-kissed orange soda here. So, we putting one cup of this in. Uh look, I'm trying to like do this. Alright. Oh, yes. Alright. Not surprised that happened y'all. Alright, one cup of orange soda into our cake mix, alright? One cup. Ooh I love that sound. Sizzle sizzle. So fun. Alright next we're using a half cup of oil, vegetable oil. Now usually when I make box cake I use apple sauce but this one I'm using the oil. Alright. Sometimes that's just how it is. Alright also y'all I have some orange extract here. I know we use an orange cake but we're going to put about a teaspoon of this in. Or however much that just was. Alright now also 3 eggs. Three. One. To Oh, there it goes. Plop plop right on in. Free. Alright, y'all. We're making a delicious, amazing cake. Y'all are going to love this. Now, we're going to give it a little mixy mixy, alright? With our orange sunkissed and all the other stuff. This smells real good, don't it Fred? Fred, can you smell this orange? Y'all so this orange supreme cake mix tastes so good by itself even if you just follow the directions on the package but this is like another level y'all. If y'all like orange Sherbert or Dreamsicles. Y'all are going to love this cake hack I'm making, alright? So I'm just giving this a good little mix. Wanna make sure we break those eggs up. Alright. Hi Kevin. Y'all Kevin's standing right by me so I feel like maybe I should pick him up for a second. He's like right by my feet. Say hi baby. He's like mama what are you doing? I want to say hi to everybody. Yep. Alright. I'm going to put you down baby. I love Kevin y'all. Alright. You know what when he rubs up on my legs like that. I can't help but to pick him up. He's just so cute. Y'all while I'm I'm almost done mixing this but the funny thing, Kevin is not very cuddly but he loves to be held like he rubs up mama legs and then he wants me to pick him up. Frankie Fufu's is very cuddly when he wants to be but he doesn't like to be held that much. Story time's over. Alright. Greased number 13. Okay? So, what we going to do here? We're going to pour most of this in. Alright, most of it. Not all but most. Luck that much, okay? Now, what I'm going to do, I'm going to move this to the side. Okay and I also have this greased what is this? A pizza pan, right? Pizza. Pizza. Pizza. So what I'm going to do here is actually I'm just going to pour the rest right on here. So we're using this for something else. Alright. Well, it's all going to be the same dessert but we just we're using a little bit of this reserve. So, we just need like I think that's good. Oh, this smells so good y'all. I'm so excited. Alright. That's good for that. So, what we're going to do here is I'm all over the place today. I'm going to put, I'm going to scrape the rest of this in the cake pan because that's enough for that. Alright, y'all. So, we're going to put this in the oven at 325 for about about 20 minutes. That's it. Um it might be a little less done than usual but that's okay. We want that for this recipe. 325 for 20 minutes. This we put in until it starts to get kind of crumbly because we're going to reserve this for a crumble topping y'all. I'm so excited. Alright, y'all. So, here's that orange cake, orange dreamsicle creamsicle cake. It cooled for a little bit. So, now we're going to do, we're going to poke some holes in it, alright? So, I'm using my purple spatula here. We're just going around and poking some holes. So, I guess it's kind of like a poke cake because we poking but we're doing something a little bit different here. Alright, y'all. I'm so excited. Y'all are going to love this. I'm excited. Alright, so now we're going to do we adding two things. I have one can of sweetened condensed milk, alright? So, remember, we made this cake. We put we used the orange supreme cake. We put some orange extract as well as we use orange soda instead of water and I feel like we put something else but I already forgot, alright? So, we just we just pour in this right on top I'm going to get it all out. Um yeah, that orange cake is good by itself but this this is just like a whole new level y'all. Alright. So, put this on top. I'm going to spread it out a little bit. Well, I'm going to try. Okay, we're going to do our best here. We're going to do our best. Alright. Now, y'all the other thing we're going to add here is one can of evaporated milk, alright? So, one can of sweetened condensed milk, one can of evaporated milk. Now, this one's definitely more liquidy. But we kind of making like a delicious tres leches cake. Something like that, alright? I'm going to I'm going to spread this a little bit. Alright y'all so now the next step here we going to put this in the fridge covered with foil. Um we going to let it soak for a few hours actually. Uh you could do it up to 12 hours. So if you want to make this like the night before something you can but we we going to I don't I don't know if I'm going to do it for 12 hours. I might do a little less. But I would say at least three. And then we going to come back y'all. We're going to put a delicious topping on here. Y'all are going to love this easy trace leches orange creamsicle delicious cake. Alright y'all so here we have our orange dreamsicle tres leches. It's been sitting in my fridge for like three hours, alright? So I think that's good. Again, if y'all want to let it sit longer, you can but that's what I did about 3 hours, alright? So now, before we try it, I made some fresh whipped cream. All this is here y'all is it's a pint, pint, is that how much? Yeah, a pint or no, a quart? A quart of heavy whipping cream and one box of vanilla instant pudding mix, the small box and I just whipped it in my KitchenAid, alright? So, this is going to be the topping and we're going to put this right on top. We're going to use it all I think but I'm not sure yet. Y'all last time I tried to make whipped cream it turned to butter because I stopped paying attention. Ain't that funny? Alright so let's see. This is what you gotta do. You just gotta hit it like this. It's real fun. Alright. I'm going to spread this out here. Oh that's interesting. Actually y'all because I put the pudding in here. It's actually real thick. Real thick. But that's alright. I'm just trying to get it all the way to the edges. Fred's going to get mad at me when I rotate the pan but that's alright. I don't care. Fred can get mad at me. Alright. He gave me a thumbs up. So you know that's fine. That's good. Alright. So we're just going to spread this out. We have more so I'm going to put more here because I don't like spreading. And you know what? If there's a thick layer of topping. I'm fine with that. It's the best part y'all. I mean maybe we we're going to see. Maybe it's not the best part. But let me do this. Okay y'all. That's great. Alright. Now, you know what y'all? I just remembered that we made this we put a little bit of the cake. Remember we cooked a little bit of it on the side right here. So, this is what we going to do. I I was going to make a crumble topping with it but maybe I'm not sure. Yeah, we're still going to do it. Let's see how this looks. Okay. It's alright. It's not my favorite but guess what? We already started so we just going to go with it. Okay so this is orange Dreamsicle trace leches cake. And that's it. And I don't know. I'm not sure. I'm I'm I'm undecided about this topping here. Um I I I actually honestly y'all I forgot about it until right now. So I'm I might have done something different but you know it is what it is. And that's that. We just going to leave it like that. Okay also y'all This what we're going to do for a little extra. Something something. I have a little orange here. I'm just going to cut it. I'm going to try to not cut my finger. I don't like that slice. We need a perfect slice. But you know what also like my hands are slippery and stuff so this is what we're doing. I I don't I don't know what I thought. Okay, this is what we're doing. Just like that. How's that look, Friends? Is that good? Hold on. There we go. There we go. Now, I'm happy. That looks great. Beautiful work of cake art and you know what y'all? The real test. The real test right now. We going to try. We going to try. That looks great though, Fred. Don't that look good? It looks great. Alright. So, here we go. Um I don't even know where to cut. I want to cut like right here but then I just put that orange there. So, you know what? We just going to do this. We going to do this. This smells so good. Oh my goodness y'all. I'm really excited. Y'all have no idea. So you're going to get a piece of this out. Oh my goodness y'all. I'm excited. Fred, how does that look? Oh, that looks great. I love, y'all, Translate Chase Cake is like one of my favorites. I love the like wet part. So, I'm going to put it right there. There we go. Alright. So, guess what? Time to eat. Time to eat. Fred, are you done with the rotation? Alright. Uh I don't know where should I try it from. How about right here? Look at that y'all. Look at that perfect bite. That wet cake. Oh my goodness y'all. I'm so excited. Y'all have no idea. Remember, use evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk, orange cake mix, so Kiss soda, orange extract. Here we go. Oh my goodness y'all. Okay. This is so good. Uh Fred, I can't wait for you to try this. You're going to, this is so good. Y'all this literally taste like a dreamsicle. Y'all have to try this. This might be one of the best things I've ever eaten.
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a person is cutting up some fruit in a pan
easy strawberry dessert | easy strawberry dessert this strawberry cheesecake dump dessert is so good y'all! | By Kristin's Friends | Alright, y'all. We're taking two cans of strawberry pie filling and at the bottom of nine by 13. Um I'm taking this over to my friend's house later. So, so yeah, that's why I'm putting it in this thing because you know what y'all? I feel like if I land people out my my dishes, they never giving back. It's kind of annoying. So, we're using this spoil one, okay? I'm going over to my friend's birthday. So, I'm making her a delicious treat. She's going to love it y'all. Alright. So, two cans of strawberry pie filling. Um Oh, there's a FedEx person at my house now. Y'all all these deliveries are coming. I'm like, what what presents did Fred give me? Alright, y'all. Next, I'm making a mess next. I have some of this Tillamook strawberry cream cheese, alright? This stuff is so good. I could like literally just eat it plain. So, we're taking some little scoops. We're trying. Some little scoops of strawberry cream cheese and we put it on top of our strawberry. Alright. So, let's see how much am I going to use. We have you know what? We're using much is in here? Eight ounces I think. We're using two of these. Alright, this is probably going to be a little more difficult than I thought it was going to be. Come on out. Come on out now. What's going on? Okay, there we go. Get all the strawberry cream cheese. I just want to eat this y'all. It's so good. I love strawberry cream cheese. Do you like strawberry cream cheese preachy? Yeah. I like every cream cheese. Me too. Is there is there a bad flavor? I've never had like, I mean, I don't even know. I think they're all good, right? I think they're everything I've tried. Me too, Bridgey. Alright. Come on out. Man, this is like hurting my hand. What what the heck? Look at my lines are crooked now because y'all okay. It's it's making me mad. That's okay. This is taking longer than I thought y'all. I I should have told y'all a story right now but I'll tell y'all a story time later, okay? I gotta think of a good story. Oh yeah. I tried being normal once. Worst two minutes of my life. Y'all number one, it's true. Number two, I I when I videos. I usually don't change shirts and I record quite a few. So, sorry y'all heard that joke a lot but okay. My ugly cream cheese scoops but it's going to be great, alright? It's going to be delicious. Alright. Next, we're going to move this to the side. I have one and a half sticks of melted butter and I have here this Martha White strawberry cheesecake muffin mix. It says just add milk. We ain't doing that. We just adding butter but we add in two of these packages, alright? Two packages of this muffin mix, one and a half sticks of butter. So, a few different ways y'all can do this. If you want to do like a regular dump cake, you can just dump the dry mix on top and then put butter squares but sometimes, I like to be fancy and I like to make messes. So, this kind of makes it, I I don't know. I like when the toppings like this. It's better. I like it better and you know, I like my friend. It's her birthday. Did I say that already? It's her birthday? Yeah, it's my friend's birthday and we're going over there so I'm making this for her. So, I'm trying to make it extra good. Alright. Now, y'all what we going to do? We're going to use our hands. We're just going to Stick our hand in there and we just going to play. Whoo. Whoo. We going to we going to show our friend this video too and be like, we play, I played with your food. I made it with extra love because I love you and that's it. So, here we go. I'm so excited. This looks great so far. I'm excited about this. Now, now once we're covering up my my unsymmetrical cream cheese scoops. It's making me happier. I think it looks real pretty. Yeah, it's going to be so good y'all. I'm so excited. Get all the stuff out. I keep getting some on my counter. FedEx just came. They brought me another thing. I wonder, I wonder if Frey got me another present. Probably not. It's probably cat food or something like that. Cat food, chicken food. I don't know. Y'all there's been a lot of stray cats. I think Shelly's telling all her friends because they just all coming around. There's you know what else y'all? All the stray cats around my house look like fancy cats. They all have long beautiful hair. I'm like what is going on? It's crazy but they know about me. Anyways, 350 about 45 minutes. Y'all are going to love this easy dessert. Y'all we have a quanky flanky right now, don't we baby? Is that because you were having your daytime dad? Yeah, you want me to give you a treat baby? Y'all I knew it. He was going to flip out. Have a treat. Yeah, now he's going to be happy because he's going to get a few treats. There you go, baby. Alright. Um so, here we have that strawberry cheesecake muffin dump cake. Alright, y'all. Time to try. So, let's serve ourselves some. Um canned strawberry, Tillamook strawberry cream cheese. Martha White strawberry cheesecake muffin mix. Delicious. That's it. Y'all it's going to be so good. I love the big clumps of cheese. Alright, you know what else? I made some fresh whipped cream today y'all. So, it's going on everything, okay? Even even my beef stew. We, my beef stew is getting some fresh whipped cream too. Y'all this stuff is so good. I don't know. Mmm. Y'all. Bridge, do you like fresh whipped cream? I do. It is so good. There's nothing better. Okay. I could I I feel like I could eat that whole thing. I would get his tummy ache but it's so good. Um I need a clump of cream cheese. Alright. Let's let's try this y'all. It's going to be so hot. Look, I just got a fork full of whipped cream. I'm I'm telling y'all it's so good. Okay. Y'all, this is a winner. My friend, I make made this for my friend's birthday. So, you know what? I'm just going to put this back and we're going to bring it over to her house. She'll never know. Alright, y'all. I'm so excited.
a bundt cake with white frosting and walnuts is on a blue plate
Easy Spring Dessert | Easy Spring Dessert Marty M makes a super easy stuffed banana bread bundt cake filled with delicious cheesecake and topped with a cream cheese icing.... | By Marty M | Alright. That was one tube of our Pillsbury banana bread. We're just going to give our spatula a little spray here. Let's go ahead and press this down. Wanna try and get this as evenly distributed as possible in the bottom of our bundt pan here. And y'all this is saw this the other day and I had to make it. This looks so delicious. And even more important for me when it comes to baking so easy. Okay. Now that we've got that pressed down into our bundt pan. We are going to go ahead and I probably could have used this sooner but we're going to make a trough now right down the middle. Alright, y'all that is looking good. Let's get this just a little deeper. Alright, so now that we've got our little trough built, we are going to come in with our no bake Philadelphia cheesecake. We are just going to go ahead and put this into our Ziploc gag. Now we are just going to go ahead and we are going to pipe this right into that trough. Oh that looks so good. Old man. Y'all don't know about you but this no bake cheesecake from Philadelphia is unbelievable. One of my favorite things to bake with. Alright. Now we're just going to go ahead and smooth that down a little bit. Perfect. I said perfect but we're not quite done. We got a little we got some walnuts and we are actually just going to add those in here just like that. We're not going to get too crazy with it but I think walnuts and banana bread just go together nicely. Gonna go ahead and give these just a little push. Y'all that looks fabulous. Now that we've got our walnuts, we are going to go ahead and add our second tube of our banana bread. We are just going to go ahead and do the same thing we did the first go around. We are just going to spread this the best we can all the way around. We may have to do a little extra spread in here ourselves. And we're just going to work this down. Might needed to keep this let that fall a little bit longer but I think we'll be just fine. Alright. Y'all that looks great. This is ready for the oven. We're going to put this in at 350 degrees and we're going to give it close to an hour. Alright. Our banana bread was in the oven for about 65 minutes and just let it set long enough to cool. Well at least cool enough for me to touch the pan. And here we go. Oh. Oh that looks so good. Alright. So it did rise up a little bit above our pan. So I'm just going to go ahead and take my bread knife here. And let's just kind of shave a little bit of that top off. Cuz we want it to sit nice and flush. The time has come for the flip. Gonna have to ask y'all to stand back. We're just going to Okay. Can't wait. Not too bad. Some minor. Image but overall that looks pretty darn good. And now we are ready for our next step. Gonna add a little bit of our cream cheese icing. And we are just going to pour this around the top of our banana cake here. Y'all this is looking so good. This is very satisfying. I'll do this more often. Water looks good. Y'all this is looking so good and this was so easy. We're now just going to top this off with a few of our walnut crumbs that we saved from earlier. And what a nice, sweet, tasty treat for, I don't know, breakfast or really just any time of day. But y'all this is so easy. This looks so delicious. Think I see the piece I want. Let's go ahead and Look at that. That looks so good. Our cream cheese stuffing right there in the middle. Oh, wow. Y'all, I cannot wait to give this a try. Alright, y'all that looks delicious. Let's go ahead. Make sure we get some of that cream cheese. That was so good. You know this is This is so easy and this is so delicious. Y'all should definitely try this.
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this is an image of two cakes with white frosting on top and brown icing on the bottom
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