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This dessert is a family favorite | This dessert is a family favorite I make a peach cobbler and whipped cream. | By Justine Kameron | We're starting off with our drained six pound and eight ounces can of sliced peaches. Go ahead and make sure that's evenly distributed in your greased 13 by nine. Ooh those peaches smell incredible. We're instantly coming in with some ground cinnamon. This dessert is just so easy, so delicious, and super quick to make. If you love peaches, you are going to want to try this delicious dessert. Okay, Once we get a nice kind of layer of cinnamon on top of our peaches, we're going to bring in our sugar cookie mix. Now, traditionally, this recipe calls for a cake mix but I just love sugar cookie so much. So, I'm swapping the cake mix for a sugar cookie mix. You could do a snickerdoodle mix. You could do a white cake mix, a yellow cake mix, a pecan cake mix. The options are endless and that's why this dessert is so fun and because you can really customize it however you like but we're going to use this whole bag of sugar cookie mix on top of our sweet peaches with that cinnamon oh my goodness I'm so excited to eat this. Alright we got that whole bag in there and that was just the seventeen point five ounce bag. We are now just going to come in with our unsalted butter. You can use salted if that's what you have and we are going to grab our little slices of butter just like this and we're going to place them right on top of that sugar cookie mix. This is going to help create a crust for our little peach cobbler that we're putting together. I know this isn't a traditional peach cobbler but this is kind of a take on it for those, you know, easy-going people that don't want to spend all day in the kitchen. Okay. So, we're going to go ahead and lay out our butter across this dessert dessert just evenly it out. As you can see, I'm doing rows of four. These are super thin slices so we should get a lot of lamb coverage with this stick. Oh my goodness. Okay, let's go ahead and quickly get these on here so that the we can throw it in the oven and it can be ready to eat. Alright, our butter is set. My oven is at 350 and this is going to bake for 45 minutes. Alright, while our peach dessert is in the oven, I'm going to grab a chilled metal bowl and I have one pints of heavy whipping cream that we're going to pour right into our chilled bowl. Beautiful. Next, I'm going to come in with some vanilla extract. We're going to add one teaspoon. Oh, this one has the lid still on. One teaspoon right into our heavy cream. You can use whatever extract flavoring you like. You could do a lemon, a peppermint, whatever you like but I think vanilla goes perfectly with peaches and now, we're going to add some powdered sugar. We are just making a super simple and delicious whipped topping. It's so easy, so good, and everyone will love it with that peach dessert. I added about half a of powdered sugar. Now, I'm going to come in with my hand mixer and we're going to whip this up until we get some beautiful peaks. Now, you could just buy some ready whipped and top that onto your peach dessert but I personally love a homemade whipped cream. It's so easy and so delicious. The tip here is to have your house be chilled and your bowl be chilled. So, let's go ahead and turn this up and get this whipped. Okay. So, it has been 4 minutes of whipping and I think that looks Perfect. Oh yeah. So tasty. So thick. We're going to pop this in the fridge until our peach dessert is ready. Oh my. It smells like peach cobbler. Ooh this is going to be delicious. It is time to scoot us a beautiful piece. Oh my gosh. All those peach peach juices. I don't know why I can't talk today. My goodness. Looks so good. Don't forget we have that homemade whipped cream that we put together. Just going to put a nice little dollop. That looks incredible. The sugar cookie topping. The peaches. The whipped cream. The whipped cream is melting because it's so hot.
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Dixie's Pecan Pie Cobbler
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